Website Redesign for Accounting Firm

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Laura Lindal CPA provides audit and review services to non-profit organizations and businesses receiving government funds in Washington, Alaska, and California.


Website design


Laura Lindal’s original website was created by a company who specializes in accounting firm websites and offers templated designs, images, and content. For a busy CPA, having everything done for you is extremely helpful, however in this client’s case, the problem was that the content did not accurately represent her business, the clients she serves, or the types of services she provides. In fact, it didn’t even have her logo on the website.

Additionally the menu did not function properly, making it very difficult for the user to navigate. The client continued to pay a monthly fee for her website even though it was probably causing more harm to her business than good.

When creating her new website, we took the time to learn about her business in order to write custom content that helps the user understand very clearly what her business is about. We created a fresh new design that creates an easy and pleasant user experience, with fresh new imagery and that functions the way a website should. We also created calls to actions that made it easy for the user to contact the client with the click of a button.

All done within two weeks!

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